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AmericanV [userpic]
by AmericanV (americanv)
at May 10th, 2010 (09:53 am)

AmericanV [userpic]
by AmericanV (americanv)
at April 30th, 2010 (10:36 am)

AmericanV [userpic]
by AmericanV (americanv)
at March 15th, 2010 (10:56 am)

AmericanV [userpic]
by AmericanV (americanv)
at October 30th, 2009 (08:09 pm)

AmericanV [userpic]
by AmericanV (americanv)
at October 18th, 2009 (04:31 pm)

AmericanV [userpic]
by AmericanV (americanv)
at September 20th, 2009 (09:29 pm)

AmericanV [userpic]
by AmericanV (americanv)
at August 14th, 2009 (10:19 pm)

Beat Yourself To Death [userpic]
by Beat Yourself To Death (leaveyoufordead)
at October 7th, 2008 (11:27 pm)

Region 1 (UK, Europe, etc):

Brideshead Revisited (starring Jeremy Irons, Anthony Andrews) - completely new and still in film wrap. £15, including shipping within UK.

Murder She Wrote season 7 (Angela Lansbury) - also still in film wrapping. £15, including UK shipping.

I accept paypal. Please comment to ask any questions or arrange a sale.

emizombified [userpic]
by emizombified (emizombified)
at September 16th, 2008 (07:29 pm)
current song: X-Mal Deutschland - Hand In Hand | Scrobbled by Last.fm

Bonjour, I have loooads of items I need to get rid of. I accept paypal from all, but will accept cheques, postal orders and money through the post (at your own risk!) .
But I would prefer paypal by all means ;)
Trades, hit me with them if you will but I am a very difficult person to please!

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Sarah Barton [userpic]
by Sarah Barton (sarah_4_eva)
at July 6th, 2008 (11:47 am)

Soy wax tarts!

Most candles etc that you buy are paraffin wax, which is made from oil. My wax tarts are made with soy, extracted from natural plants! There are many benefits to it, and although its harder for me to work with, the scent throw is a lot better, the burning time is a lot longer and slower, and theres no smoke, usually! The batch shown is FRESH, but usually they will be made to order!

Tarts: £1 each
(Lush type scents £1.10)

Flowers/Stars: 40p each
(Lush type scents 45p)

Here are the scents to choose from: (More coming soon!)
Replica of Lush's Rock Star soap.
Replica of Lush's most famous fragrance Karma!
Vicks vapour rub type
Raspberry Brulee
Rose and Lavender
-Smells like turkish delight, its my favourite!
Monkey Farts(Runing low!)- Tropical blend of coconut, banana, kiwi, pineapple and a hint of citrus. Everything that a monkey eats!


Just pop a melt in a burner, DO NOT add water, light a tea light underneath as usual & let the fragrance fill the room!

Everything else to sell/trade under here. Please make offers, i'm sick of seeing this stuff. Don't worry about making a cheeky offer, the worst i can do is say no! (Unlikely!) Hahaha. Going to Japan this month, and need to raise some last minute spending dosh!

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Heres my friends junk that needs to go!

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